trend’s photo contest.

29 Apr

Would you like a $50 gift certificate to Trend Addictions?  Whether you’re near or far, we have a challenge for you!  We, as a small business in our unique little town, push ourselves to be original on a daily basis – we want your experience at Trend Addictions to be one-of-a-kind, as well as inspiring, before you even walk through the door – from our window displays, to the way we dress our mannequins, to our use of our own home décor — we aim to inspire.  This is why we’ve brought #TrendsTrendyTuesday to life on Instagram & Facebook.  However, we’d like to kick it up a notch & ask you, our customers, to show off your originality by participating not only in #TrendsTrendyTuesday, but a photo contest!


Do we have your attention yet?!  Here’s how it’s going to work –

1. find an item you purchased at Trend Addictions — absolutely anything — whether it was 5 years ago or yesterday!

2. get creative! if it’s clothing – show us an outfit you’d pair it with; if it’s home décor – show us how you used it in your house!  if you’re really crafty – you may have a completely unexpected use for something.

3. snap a photo & we mean a good one – challenge yourself!

4. send us your photo in a private message on Facebook or email it to & we will upload it to an album on Facebook!

5. we will turn the photos loose to the Facebook world, people will vote by “liking” the photo(s) of their choice.

6. we, here at Trend Addictions, will take the top 3 photos, & choose the winner of the $50 gift certificate.

Start now! We will upload the pictures to Facebook on 5/7 and choose a winner 5/14.


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