while we were away…

6 Aug

Well, hey there! We’ve been away for a while, but we’re back! Getting this blogging thing down can be pretty rough, but we think we’ve devised a plan! We have a few fun things to tell you about that happened while we were away –

(1) We turned 5! Yep, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary of being open, on July 9th! We really wanted to show our customers & fellow business owners our appreciation for their support, so of course, we threw a party at the store! A local caterer & good customer of ours, at Chelsea’s Catering & Confections, set us up with some delicious hors’ douvre, while we provided the drinks. Businesses from around town [Hamilton’s, Three Sisters Pottery, Karisma Boutique, etc.] donated items & gift certificates to be raffled off! As a store, we raffled off a 22” Spinner in Plum Crazy, by Vera Bradley (which was won by a man, nonetheless!)

Photo Aug 06, 3 24 16 PM

A party is not a party without goodie bags, so we filled them up with products from some of our favorite vendors (kudos to our vendors for the freebies they sent us!) The party was an all-around success & we were so happy to celebrate our 5th year with such amazing people!

(2) This brings us to the Trend Addictions’ Annual Fashion Show!  Every year, our little town hosts The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally, which brings in thousands of people from all around!  The weekend is filled with sidewalk sales featuring local, as well as out-of-town vendors!  For the five years we’ve been open [minus last year, when Megan was nine months pregnant], we’ve been putting on a full-scale fashion show — runway, MC, and all!  This year’s theme was Be{YOU}tiful –we are always encouraging our customers to be beautiful, by simply being themselves.  This fashion show featured ten fabulous models, thirty eye-catching outfits, and one decked-out runway.  Hair was done (wonderfully, might we add) by stylist, Ashley Freeman of Bella Capelli Salon, in Corning, NY.  We loved choosing outfits that would be just right for each model’s style & showing off just how to put together different pieces from the store!  This was, by far, our biggest year yet — check out our video for a glimpse into our fashion show fun! Here are some fun pictures (special thanks to Peter Mangels Photography) to enjoy as well ❤

Trend Addictions Fashion Show

Emily Sprague

Erica Matteson

Kaitlin Gostley

Heather Jordan

Kristy Hall

Liz Hurley

Erica Matteson

Erica Dello

Angela Delahunt

Kelley Crittenden

Liz Hurley

Emily Sprague

Brittany Garrison - MC

Erica D., Erica M., Kaitlin, Liz, Megan, Kathy, Angela, Kristy, Heather, Kelley & Emily 01

If you like any of these outfits, you can check them out here. If you would like to check out more of our Fashion Show pics, click here.

Before we let you go, be sure to stay tuned for our new FREE printables — designed by us, for you!

Love, Us.


One Response to “while we were away…”

  1. Anne Mitchell August 6, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    Love this! Happy 5th anniversary! Cheers!

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