monthly freebie :: weekly list printable

15 Aug

Who doesn’t love free? I mean, totally FREE. Every month, twice a month(1st & 15th), we are going to give you free printables. You can print these out, send them to someone or just play around with them. *If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you reference it back to us*

Here’s a little tidbit about this month’s freebie — we, at Trend Addictions, are all about being organized. We write to do lists every single day. The first thing on our to do list, is to write another to do list. Literally. We also have about 8 calendars that we have running and use every one of them. Prioritizing is key. With that being said — we made a weekly list printable. Made by us, just for you ❤ The first set on the list is the goals. Setting your goals before making your to-do’s will help you in achieving what you need to do faster. The second set on the list are the to-do’s. We included check off boxes (which we LOVE to make on our own lists), that way you can visually see what you have accomplished. Here’s hoping for some organization — especially since school is right around the corner!

Weekly ListTo print the image above, click — WeeklyList, save the file, and print!


love, us.


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