// about us.

We, are all about you.

We are a retail boutique in Upstate New York. We sell all things women, children and home. We take pride in our ideas and creativity, and it shows in our store. We love when people come in and check out displays and the way we merchandise our items. We love our customers ❤

We are here to help YOU. We want to hear your ideas, and help you implement them. We want to inspire you. In your wardrobe, in your home and in your life. Check out our blog and get some inspiration, or stop by the boutique and grab some ideas. Bring the kids on down, there’s something for them too ❤


Megan, the Store Owner


I opened the store in 2008 after realizing that I had a niche in our small town for something different. When it comes to me, different is an understatement. I thrive on different. I love to decorate and merchandise. I love typing in lowercase letters. I love using the word snazzy. I also love inspiring my customers to think outside the box. I enjoy creating an atmosphere in the store that people love to come in and peek around. It makes me happy to hear people say they love the feel, the look and even the smell in the store. It makes me feel snazzy. I live in the small town of Wellsville NY, 5 minutes from the store. I have 2 daughters, both equally amazing. Madelyn is 6 and Hazel is going to turn 1 in July. My husband, Nick, is my driving force. He is going to kill me for saying is absolutely amazing and I am one lucky woman to have snagged him. ❤

I hired Heather in April of 2012, and haven’t looked back since. She has been the other half of me. She finishes my thoughts, my ideas and we get each other. Which brings me to, taa daa! —

Heather, the Manager (for all intents & purposes)


Hello!  I’m Heather – twenty-ish, living in Upstate New York, & have been working here, at Trend Addictions for nearly a year.  I’m somewhat random, so here are a few random facts – 1. I would not survive a day without my agenda, 2. Earth tones used to consume my life, until I discovered the world of colors, 3. I may in fact be a cat lady, & 4. I love painting my nails – usually multicolored & on a very regular basis.  Also, I may have a few work confessions – I sincerely enjoy doing DIY projects (even while working; PS – I love the burlap & plaid ribbon we sell here), recycling (which usually includes me saving bags of bottles & cans for an unreasonable amount of time, as well as stacking up an amazing amount of reusable mugs in the store’s back room), oh, and I love finding fun ways to wear our clothes (especially misfits from the clearance rack)!  I wish I was equally as inspired in the ‘home décor’ department, but for now, I’ll leave that to Megan.

We work the store, the website and all things social media, but we also have 2 chicks that are the ‘face’ of Trend Addictions. That brings to me to — our models.


Liz —


She’s one quick witted chick, she loves the word shadoobie and she could live off toast. She’s also one of my best friends. We have known each other since we were 6 months old. She lives with her super cute daughter, Addy (who happens to be the best friend to my daughter, Maddie.) Liz loves using the world ‘clearly,’ which I have clearly picked up as well. A few things that liz adores? She thinks clean sheets are exhilarating, reading takes her away from life and a nice mani/pedi makes her feel ‘put together.’

Heather J. —

Heather J.

She started out as a customer, then as a friend, then as a model. Now she pulls off all 3 wonderfully. She lives with her husband, Eric, their two cool cat sons, Jack + Ben and a house full of home decor from Trend Addictions — literally. Heather loves the smell of wild flowers in June and burning wood. Family and friends mean everything to her and I can attest to that. 2 of her favorite things? The sound of her boys laughing and the colors turquoise + grey together.


108 N. Main St. // Wellsville, NY 14895


T, W, F // 11-6

Thurs // 11-7

Sat // 11-5

Closed Sun + Mon


call us // 585.296.3790

email us // trendaddictions@yahoo.com


2 Responses to “// about us.”

  1. Erica March 28, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    We, “the customers” are all about you, too! I am so happy to have Trend Addictions in Wellsville. As far as I am concerned, there isn’t anywhere else around to shop. At Trend, you get an experience — maybe even a new dance move (if Meg is there), an honest opinion and help when you’re looking for it. Thanks, Trend Addictions!

  2. klhartwork March 28, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    You gals ROCK!!!!

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