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monday must haves :: greenery

7 Oct

Greenery can add mood to your decor. I personally feel that it adds life to a room. We have a great variety of ferns, pepper grass and eucalyptus at the store. Here’s a little peak at how I used them in my house —

Greenery Greenery Greenery

Stop into the store and we can help you with any greenery you want to add to your home 🙂

Happy Monday!


monday must haves :: burlap bags

30 Sep

Stylish organization. Those are 2 words that I personally love. When these came into our store, we immediately fell in love with these for 2 reasons. They are cute AND functional. They can be used anywhere in the house, for anything and you can also put REAL flowers in them. Yep, that’s right — they have liners in them! How perfect. I took them home and used them around my house. The bigger one for my toiletries at my vanity, the middle one to help out with the leftover stuff on the sink that always makes its way, and the smallest one for pens at my desk. How would you use these in your house?

Burlap Bags

Burlap Bags

Burlap BagsYou can purchase yourself some over here .

Happy Monday!

monday must haves :: the asymmetrical is beautiful top

23 Sep

Break the mold with an asymmetrical top this fall! This fashion-forward trend isn’t going away anytime soon & neither is the ever-popular bronze-y mustard color that this top is rocking. We found that the Asymmetrical is Beautiful Top is most definitely at its best when left simple & worn with dark skinny jeans – the off-center buttons & bow give it the perfect amount of detail without needing to accessorize much. This is one of our favorite fall “must-haves” at Trend Addictions right now! Yeah? No? Love it or hate it?

Monday Must-Haves

monday must haves :: wooden dice

16 Sep

How fun would it be to use these wooden dice to play with during a family game night? Check out how we used them to play a game of ‘Spongebob Sorry!’ — you can also use them to decorate with. How would you use them?

Wooden Dice

Stop into the store and pick these up for $3 a pop. The kids would LOVE to roll these!

Love, Us.


monday must haves :: jute + cotton ribbon

26 Aug

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ Take those thoughts and turn them into a gift that counts. Making a simple card with personal touches speaks volumes and it’s easier than getting a card from the store. Yep, it truly is. If you think about it, you have to get ready, drive to the store, possibly spend more than you wanted to, drive back home and make the card out. All that for a card that can cost up to $7.99 these days. I’ll admit it, those Hallmark commercials sometimes make me want to buy a card from them. BUT, then I think about the impact a homemade card can do!

Follow these easy steps to making your own card. What you will need:

Monday Must Haves

  1. Kraft paper
  2. Jute Ribbon
  3. Cotton Ribbon
  4. Raffia
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape or glue
  7. Marker

[STEP 1] — Make it personal.

Monday Must Haves

Fold the paper in half (whichever way you like). Using your marker, write your own message. Keep it short and sweet — you have time and space to write in the inside.

[STEP 2] — Make it simple.

Monday Must Haves

Cut your cotton ribbon first and glue it onto the paper. Use the jute ribbon next and glue it on top of the cotton ribbon.

[STEP 3] — Make it perfect.

Monday Must Haves

A simple raffia bow ‘ties’ the whole card together. Write your message inside and deliver to your recipient.

Monday Must Haves

Making this card takes the same amount of time it would take to head to the store and buy one. Now you have enough jute + cotton ribbon to give your all of your friends and family thanks, and for no extra money.

Happy gifting.

Love, Us.

monday must haves :: baker’s twine

19 Aug

Start your week off by giving someone a gift, a homemade card or a box of cookies wrapped in baker’s twine. It’s a great go-to to freshen it up and make it look nostalgic. For $5 a pop, it’s a great add to any gift you’re giving!Baker's Twine at Trend Addictions Baker's Twine at Trend Addictions

Check out some of the ideas we found on Pinterest or buy some at the store!

Happy gifting!

Love, Us.

monday must haves :: washi tape

12 Aug

What exactly is washi tape? in a nutshell, it’s pretty tape. Pretty tape made out of washi/rice paper so they are semi transparent, so they have a nice feel and easy to use. Washi tape can be reused since they are removable and repositionable. Now, you know what it is — but how do you use it? We love using washi tape to get organized. Use it to make your calendar look pretty. Use it the same way you would use a highlighter!


Use it to make some boring old clothespins beautiful.
Check out here for some more great ideas for uses of wash tape. We have our own in the store. It even comes in a cute little box and we have an adorable holder with scissors as well
Trend Addictions Washi Tape Trend Addictions Washi Tape Trend Addictions Washi Tape Trend Addictions Washi Tape
Interested in getting some washi tape? Come on over here to check them out. What would you do with your washi tape once you had it in your hand? We would LOVE to know. For more, check out our Pinterest Page that we created on more ideas 🙂
Happy monday, everyone!
love, us.
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