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28 Mar

We have finally moved our blog over to our website! Check us out over here —


in the home of :: emily myers

4 Mar


Stepping into Emily’s home was a one-of-a-kind experience.  With each piece so uniquely displayed, we found ourselves wanting to know the story behind each item.  Emily moved into her home four years ago & has put a lot of herself into it – this goes to show how much the little things, combined with personal touches, mean when working to make your house a home.

When you open Emily’s front door, you cannot help but notice the most amazing bench, which would easily cost several hundred dollars, at any commercial retailer!  Hers – an old bed, purchased for just $90.  Emily & her dad used the headboard as the back of the bench, cut the footboard in two, to use as the sides, added some wood for seating, & voila – this grand bench for much less!


Her kitchen is immediately eye-catching!  Hanging on a wall is an old pantry door that Emily cleverly decided to add a mirror to! One thing we spotted & loved was the top of the hutch – a display of scales & teapots is adorable & so very vintage!



Heather’s eye was immediately caught by a vintage kitchen step stool chair, which Emily told us was once her grandmothers’!  An old rolling pin & her grandmothers’ recipe box, filled with handwritten recipes, add subtle personal touches!  The last, & most exciting piece in the kitchen, was an old framed tile.  When we asked Emily where she got this, she said it was from a bathroom, in a restaurant (that we won’t name), & when she saw it she thought “I cannot leave this stall without this thing,” and the rest is history!





As you walk into the living room, you see so many things that you can’t help but love!  Her bookshelf is one of the first that caught our eye!  Ever wonder what to do with those old magazines that you just don’t want to throw away?  Well, just ask Emily!  She uses hers to perk up her shelf & add a bit of interest.  The button jar you spy is just another of Emily’s personal touches on her gorgeous home – Emily told us that they used to string buttons when they’d visit their grandma’s house, & so this is just another way to honor her grandmother!  Other intriguing items that this bookshelf showcases are retro tinker toys, picture frames, & what appears to be a very old toy telephone.  Emily added height to her bookshelf with vases & jars of varying colors, shapes, & sizes – oh, & one very cool vintage flour sifter!





Above Emily’s entertainment console, she has utilized what she believes to be an old table leaf, missing the middle panel.  She has placed very personal items inside, which also are memories she has kept from her grandmother – things as simple as an old framed letter from her brother to her grandma, a shadow box including her grandma’s applesauce cookie recipe, photos, & old key plates.




Other great finds in Emily’s living room included old books, & what is thought to be a cream separator, being used as a side table.




Emily also has an amazing coffee table that was once an old farm table – she simply cut the legs off & added casters!  When you look behind the couch, you’ll see burlap curtains, complete with stitching & buttons, which leads the way to Emily’s bedroom.


It took a few looks around this bedroom to spot all the amazing things that Emily has acquired!  First of all, this girl has a jewelry display that just about anyone would die for, & we know you could make one too, using a few knobs from Trend Addictions!



Emily has taken barn wood, added knobs & copper nails, & placed them inside an antique white frame – that’s all!  This serves as a great way to hang all of your jewels!  Above the barn wood pieces, we saw something we wondered about – Emily had the great idea to take an old fabric ruler, cut it down, add copper nails, & voila – a fabulous necklace hanger.   She also pointed out the box used for jewelry & trinkets underneath, which is simply an old men’s tie box.  While we noticed that Emily’s bedside tables & mirrors are different, they are still balanced & quite stunning!  The white trunk at the end of her bed was something she picked up in Rochester, but it was originally from overseas & was used for travel!  Emily’s “favorite piece in the house right now” is also in this room – it is a pretty pale pink wardrobe, which she found at the Salamanca Antique Mall!  While most would refinish this, Emily left it as is, & we can’t imagine it being any more perfect!


Ascending the stairs, at Emily’s, one thing that most definitely stands out is the amazing barn wood railing she has created!  It only gets better as you emerge onto the second floor & find that the trim throughout the upstairs foyer is also barn wood.  Emily salvaged this wood from a neighbor’s barn that had fallen down – just another personal touch in this fabulous home!  We also spotted an amazing sign that took up an entire wall!



The piece no one could miss upstairs was made by Emily’s aunt – simply an old wooden ladder, cut down, with amazing details such as the hinge used to hang it up & the pulley holding the frame!  From there, we find another lovely room, with very different touches!  Most of the frames in her home are made from ceiling tile… what a great idea!



Emily’s spare bedroom is one that would make any house-guest feel right at home.  On one wall, she decorates with antique mirrors, frames, & lovely paintings that make you wonder “where can I buy that?”  That’s just it – Emily picks up things here & there, at antique malls, thrift shops, & fairs – that, like the rest of her house, are truly one-of-a-kind.  To give some detail to her adorable bedside lamps, she added small cabinet door frames around them, to which she attributed the great idea to our very own, Megan.  The room boasts soft greens, blues, & yellows, & quirky accents like vintage tins & the penny bank make the room interesting, as well as tie in the color palette.  As we learned through most of Emily’s home, her grandma is everywhere, & that is not lacking in this room – the dresser & old sewing table, currently being used as a side table, were pieces of her grandmothers’.   We also spied a few Trend Addictions’ finds in this room – her book at the foot of the bed, as well as the antiqued white mirror atop the dresser.





Emily is clearly overflowing with talent, when it comes to antiquing, decorating, & crafting, but she has a couple of talents that we were lucky enough to have her share with us!  She showed us two pieces of artwork that she did when she attended high School at Cuba-Rushford & they’re simply amazing!



We also discovered her talents as a photographer!  With more personal touches, these series of pictures were taken by Emily & are displayed in her entryway.


We were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to peek into Emily’s home & we truly hope you take away some amazing ideas from this – we sure have!

Now here comes the real test!  Emily had to have these —


but is struggling to figure out what she should do with them – we’d love to hear from you!  What would you use these unique finds for?!​

Did you have a favorite part of this great home? Leave a comment and let us know!

Love, Us.

black friday ticket to savings!

26 Nov

It’s here! Your ticket to savings on Black Friday at Trend Addictions.

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Be sure to click here to print your ticket. Do not print the sample above.

**40% off will not include Vera Bradley.**

monthly freebie :: thanksgiving menu

15 Nov

Here’s your November Monthly Freebie! You can print these out, send them to someone or just play around with them. *If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you [please] reference it back to us.*

The holidays bring on chaos — that’s why we’ve come up with a little printable to help keep you organized! Fill out your Thanksgiving menu & put it on your fridge, to help make sure you’ve gotten all your groceries & your scrumptious dishes prepared!

Trend Addictions Freebie Printable
To print, click here.

Happy [almost] Thanksgiving, from our Trend Addictions family, to yours!

Love, Us.

this fall, make the most of maxis

5 Sep

Megan is away this week, so we’re taking a break from our {Wear it & Pair it Blog} & doing things a bit differently!  The {Wear it & Pair it Blog Contest} for the $25 gift certificate is off this week, but check out our Facebook to enter yourself in another giveaway!  Now, I have been longing to write a blog about maxis for the fall season, so here it is!

There is no rule that states “maxi dresses are not to be worn in the fall.”  Literally, not anywhere.  Whether you’re wondering how to make maxis work this fall to be gentler on your budget & get a few more uses out of those comfy pieces, or if you just have no idea what you could “wear & pair” them with – this article is just what you’re looking for!  Here are four outfits that we threw together this week to show you the many ways you can work a maxi, post-summer.

phonto (1)

//No. 1 – Here we took our triangle top [Flower Child Maxi] & just put a long sleeve tee underneath to make it a bit warmer, without the need for a jacket or sweater.  Put on a solid color scarf to really tie it all together!

//No. 2 – What a comfy-chic outfit!  This is one of our basic maxis — [It’s a Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt], with our oversized [A Golden Morning Sweater] for warmth – slip on a necklace & the [Clare Flats] to pull the outfit off!

//No. 3 – Even this tube-top style [Maximum Stripes Maxi] can be worn into fall!  In order to rework this, we added some fall color with this oh-so soft [Eggplant It Is Top], the camel [Parksville Boot], & a belt.

//No. 4 – The simplest outfit yet – just pull a simple blazer, like our [Intern of Style Blazer], on over your [Teal-in’ It In Maxi] to give yourself a sophisticated look!  Don’t forget your heels – Alexandra’s silver cap toe wedges were simply adorable!

Each & every one of these outfits uses a maxi that would be perfect for spring & summer, but are just as refreshing for fall when you add an extra or two!  Stop into the store for maxi styling tips or shop each of these looks online at  Which outfit was your favorite?  Will you rock a maxi this fall?!  We’d love to hear from you!

wear it & pair it :: the canvas dress

22 Aug

The Canvas Dress, No. 1

Wear it & Pair it


WEAR IT WITH: Chambray – Who says you can’t wear a shirt UNDER a dress?! We put a chambray button up with our sleeveless Canvas Dress to make it more fall appropriate! Throw on a statement necklace for a “stand-out” look.

PAIR IT WITH: Flats – Keep it simple with The Clare Flats! They boast a fabulous camel color for fall & are more chic than sandals, but still just as comfy!

The Canvas Dress, No. 2

Wear it & Pair it

Wear it & Pair it

WEAR IT WITH: Black Blazer – Take The Canvas Dress from comfy-casual to office-chic when you wear it with a black blazer.

PAIR IT WITH: Black Heels – with a simple pair of black heels, this outfit soars beyond sophisticated!

The Canvas Dress, No. 3


Wear it & Pair it

Wear it & Pair it

WEAR IT WITH: Cardigan & Scarf – The Canvas Dress can easily be taken from summer, to fall. The Boyfriend Cardigan in navy makes this outfit an instant classic. Warm it up with a chunky knit scarf in almost any bold color.

PAIR IT WITH: Tall Boots – Always a favorite, tall boots bring the outfit full-circle and give you an effortless finish.

A couple of things to end with //

1. Never forget the time, with your WeWOOD timepiece! [WeWOOD Date Brown is pictured above.]

2. Keep your eyes open for a chambray button-down coming soon to Trend Addictions!

3. Fall Boots will be available next week!

4. For a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Trend Addictions, comment on this blog post with your favorite look [No. 1, 2, or 3] & then share this post to your Facebook timeline. Winner will be chosen 8/27 5pm EST.

Love, Us.

a day at FAME

8 Aug

We kicked off our week by spending Sunday driving to New York City, which is quite a hike from the little town of Wellsville! After two hours of staring at the toll booths just before the George Washington Bridge, we finally made it over & into the city! We headed out for dinner & drinks at Nobu (if you’ve ever been here, you know walk-in seats are like gold — they’re so busy they opened a sister restaurant next door called…Nobu Next Door, genius). We tried our hand at their vegetable sushi rolls, tempura, skewers, & miso soup (Heather was quite perturbed that she wasn’t given a spoon) — the food was absolutey delicious & if you’ve never been here, we highly recommend it! At the crack of dawn, we hit the “snooze” twenty-three times, we got up & got ready to hit the FAME clothing show! A perk of owning a clothing store is having the opportunity to personally check out the upcoming lines for not just fall, but winter & spring as well — it’s like hitting fast-forward in the fashion industry! Without giving away our style surprises — here’s a sneak peek into fashion trends you should get ready to love!

[1] Faux Leather — From trim, to pockets, to full pieces — faux leather seems to be the perfect accent on the most basic of tops!

[2] Chiffon — Don’t toss this into the back of the closet just yet, ladies — this material is being pulled from spring & summer lines into fall & winter!

[3] Zippers — Zippers on sweaters, sweatshirts, tees, & pants; on the front, the back, the sleeves, & the shoulders — zippers are an edgy detail that will be hard to resist, so zip it up & embrace it!

[4] Body-Con — Such a comfortable & flattering material, & the styles we have in store for you are rocking some appealing patterns! If you think you can’t pull this trend off, we bet you $5 off your purchase that you definitely can! <–Just try it on, & you can hold us to it. 😉

[5] Wine & Teal — Move over coral & mint — wine & teal are this fall’s hot new colors! Best part about these colors?! They’ll accent your spring & summer wardrobe perfectly!

We had a fantastic time at FAME & are so excited about the new things coming to the store! What trends are you most excited about — leave us some comments! 🙂

Check out pictures from our trip on Instagram [@TrendAddictions & #TrendAtFameNYC].

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